Saturday, July 14, 2007

Inside page of My Little Blue Story Book 1966

Went to Goodwill this morning right when they opened. I see the same people there almost every time I go in the morning time. It is like a coffee club. They all talk and discuss what they find and want and don't want and what they are going to do with the treasure. All walks of life shop there. I can tell some people are uncomfortable shopping in Goodwill, not me!


  1. the thrill for me is not knowing what I'll find!!
    like a
    great book!

  2. love goodwill!!! i have found most of my stash of vintage seam binding there and lots of great vintage jewelry pieces...if anyone is uncomfortable they can stay at home and leave all the good stuff for me!!!

  3. Thanks for visiting our new blog we have left a little thankyou over there for you.

  4. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I have been having great luck at my thrift store, and try to go once a week. Esp. when they have 50% off everything in the store! :)

  5. Stephanie, hope everything is ok...i see you haven't posted for a while...i am sending good wishes your way in case you need them... :)...

  6. Love your Childrens Reader...
    These are my fav! Goodwill is a great place for thrifting, I go often!

  7. The reader is wonderful. The Goodwill near me very rarely has a find like this. :(

    Thanks so much for coming by and your kind comment on the shoes. I've never had a giveaway before so I'm really excited about it!!