Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blue By Me....

Blue goodies.
I finished my project from Sugar and Spice ezine. I made conversation heart candy look a likes with Grafix ink jet shrink flim. I used the oven at 325 and it only took around 3 minutes for them to shrink to perfection. I added them to a necklace I already had.

I attempted another faux cupcake and the more I did the better I got at it. I have never used an icing bag or anything by Wilton and poof I iced a cupcake.....

My Last blue idea was this thrifty frame with K and Company Serendipity Grand Adhesions, butterfly, and Together warm floral, chatter box paper.

It is unusually cold here in South Georgia, as it is around most of the country. We have not seen snow since the early 1980's, and I doubt we see any this go around. I have been in the house more and have been thankful I had some fun projects to work on.

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  1. Hi Mama Stephanie! Happy to meet you and your darling blog!
    I am lovin the blue post!!! I have posted you up on my blog today!!
    Hope you like it! Have a great day!
    Mama Holli
    Nobody Puts Mama In A Corner!