Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jelly Bean Ball soon to be Topiary

Yes, your eyes are seeing right, that is jelly beans glued on a Styrofoam ball awaiting it's finishing touches and becoming a topiary. I was inspired by Crafty Sisters check out their blog.

I love the plate it is resting on. It is Vintage Mikasa Duplex by Ben Seibel. I was thrilled to find 5 plates to add to my coffee cups.

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  1. Stephanie,Thanks for dropping by. I can't find the boxes around here. All the square ones I want no round ones. Go figure. I have order them from one of the sites she told us about. Can't wait to try. She really has the cutest things doesn't she? Did you sign up for the swap? I did and I am looking forward to it. Your faux goodies look good enough to eat. Happy cake making. Carol