Monday, January 24, 2011

Memory Card Matching Game Milton Bradley 1966

I just happened on this Milton Bradley Memory game from 1966. I go to Salvation Army twice a week .
I look for books, dishes, vintage lingerie and fabric. We are on a first name basis. I paid a wooping 99 cents and I was so excited because the illustrations are for the most part awesome. Alice and Martin Provensen are one of the illustrators.
I'm either going to frame them or glue tiny clothes pins on the back and display them on wire.


  1. The illustrations are really sweet! I remember playing a later version of this game with my niece and nephew. Over and over and over again!

  2. Ooh, another beautiful memory game! How cool is that!

  3. I've had that very same game since I was a little girl. I still love it and treasure it to this day.

  4. I miss the beautiful sophistication of the original Milton Bradley Memory Game. I remember as a kid I was fascinated by the variety of pictures and styles shown on each card.

    If you look at the cartoony version that sold today, it is pretty lame and uninteresting. {} Also, the old version had 54 pairs of cards, and the new one has only 36. It's not much of a challenge anymore!