Sunday, June 10, 2007


I finally went to Michaels and saw Martha Stewart's new craft line.
Wow, very neat. I bought some spools of bakers string and a marker and some tags.
I am doing a June COLOUR Swap, we each chose a color, and my partner loves pink just like ME! Cheeky from Create a Connection is hosting. I am passing all the pink on......

The little wooden frame is for my next project. I am going to fill it with miniature treasures......

My Mom got me this syrup jar and pillow case while thrifing. Fun Fun!

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  1. Hey Stephanie, I never knew you were a pink girl like me, I call myself a Pink ladie (and would love the jacket) I wish we had Micheals here, every time I come to states I fill a suitcase up. lol. Love the jug how retro.
    P.s. Has my parcel come yet..