Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party

I've got several things going. I just got back from staying with my Grandma in Erath Louisiana. My Mom went with my Grandpa Dr. Chet Boudreaux on an "Honor Flight" to Washington D.C. and I stayed with my my Grandma. She turned 89 the day we got there. My Grandfather is 88. I love getting local goodies from the Wal-Mart there.

Next in line is my Tax Day Tea Party sign my daughter made for me. I love my country and I respect the office of the President, and our Taxes are really high......thus all of that means "silence is approval" so I am going to the tea party. I am sort of shy so I will just hold the sign in front of my face.....LOL!!!!!!

Last a cool perfume lamp I got on E bay. A carriage for Marie Antoinette....gotta love it!!!!!!!

Have a great day and Make a Memory.....
That is my plan

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