Friday, June 12, 2009

The Courts of Europe

A Ball at the French Court Painted by an anonymous artist c.1581 (Louvre,Paris)

This a a beautiful book Edited by A.G. Dickens. I am reading and looking at the pictures. It examines twelve courts from 1400-1800. I bought it yesterday for $2.50 cents...... I am drawn to books right now on the Louvre and Paris and anything Marie. I found this beautiful picture of Marie Antoinette and her children....


  1. That is a gorgeous picture of Marie and kids. Isn't it great when you get a good deal on a beautiful book? Have fun with it!

  2. Oooo, this looks fascinating. Would love to see more. I also LOVED the little nest you made below. Thanks so much for sharing the links with us.

  3. wow, one more great find!!! You definitely DO have both eyes open girly.. I'd love to go shopping with you!!!


  4. Beautiful photo, thanks so much for sharing. Marie is surly luring. :)